To you the Brexiter: Have you been asked the wrong question?

Here are some better questions for you to see if you can answer and still vote OUT with a conscience.

Until the Conservative Party decided to put the referendum question to you would you have been actively pursuing an exit from Europe today? If NO then read on, if YES then you have probably made up your mind. I would guess that over 66% of my connections on social media would answer ‘No they would not have been bothered by the European Union on 23rd June this year’, possibly over 90%.

So you have been asked to answer a question IN or OUT (Black or White), this is quite clearly the wrong question. Neither side has been able to make a crystal clear case for/or against as the issues are very complex and require a much more careful analysis.

A downturn affects the poorest first; have you considered the Country or your own situation regarding the economy?  With immigration are you sure it’s not a different point, the Orlando bomber was a US citizen not a migrant etc., we have millions of second and third generation migrants that are 100% British (like me)? Does the essential nature of our sovereignty really change because we are in Europe?  Are you sure that Westminster is such a great law maker? We have clean beaches now thanks to EU law FYI. Can you name a single European Law that is not fair? Have you really taken the time to consider all the other bits and bobs? Does Scotland leave the British Union? What visa requirements will I need to pop across the channel? What Health care rights will I have in the EU? Without the UK what kind of Europe will our neighbours become?

So I put it to you that you have the following backdrop to being asked this dangerous an ill-conceived question;

  1. On 23rd of June had the Conservatives not placed this in their manifesto would you be bothered by the European Union on 23rd June 2016? In reality would you have been doing something else quite happily?
  2. Are you being led astray by some half-baked careerist politicians who are playing on deep routed suspicions about the role of immigration in the development of our fantastic tolerant community and the idea of a ‘Little Britain’ telling the World what to do?
  3. This is in any case the wrong question a more realistic question would be; ‘We have listened to the demands of the British people and we have documented them in the ‘Why we are Leaving Europe Manifesto’ that outlines in detail the issues we need resolving and how we will deal with the same issues when we leave’ this cross party manifesto needs yous support; Do you support the Leave Manifesto? That is a question (given a year’s preparation) you could answer.

You have three choices on 23rd June IN/OUT/NO VOTE I put it to you that a NO VOTE is the same as a OUT vote (as you are currently IN the EU and the only outturn that results in a change is an OUT result). So you must vote and you must pick IN or OUT Black or White.

For me to make my mind up I have reduced the issues down to four points that I believe have equal weight, I put it to you that unless you are 100% sure you can vote OUT against MORE than two of these points then you should Vote IN=REMAIN.  We are IN Europe now a vote to change that should be much more than a 50%/50% voting maths in the referendum for me it should be 60%/40%. This in itself would probably answer the question with an IN=REMAIN. Here are my takes and the four issues;

  1. Economy – It seems clear that an OUT vote is a leap into the dark
  2. Immigration – Genuine and justifiable concern led by death from small boats, Calais, terror etc. However, the problem is much more complex and doesn’t change much with an OUT vote, 3/7ths of net migration is from outside the EU in any case
  3. Sovereignty – Each of Italy, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands etc. are all independent sovereign states that choose to pool some issues to gain better global traction, that’s good for them and good for us. It’s two sides of the same coin independent and interdependent.
  4. Bits and Bobs – There is a long list of side shows and not so side shows e.g. will Scotland leave GB, will we need visas?, what about health care when in Europe?

If you believe in democracy and can place you hand on your heart and say that 3 or all of these issues leads you to vote OUT then go ahead, because I believe in democracy too, but if its only 2 of them then you should do your duty to your Country and vote IN= REMAIN and join me in taking a much more active stance on this issue in future.


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